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About Lori Smith
Lori Smith, Certified CET

Building the home of your dreams can be an overwhelming process but Lori Smith, of Smith’s CustomCAD, located in Miramichi New Brunswick, makes this process a rewarding experience with her personalized approach and her expertise.  Lori Smith, founded her business in 1999 and is a certified Civil Engineering Technologist specialising in residential and custom home design. 


Smith says, “I wanted to ensure that women get what they want from their home design.” Smith knows how important it is for a couple to be happy with their home.  Clients Merle and Julie Campbell said of service received from Smith CustomCAD, “We worked with Lori from the ground up to design the home of our dreams. She helped reduce our anxiety, with such an undertaking, by designing a plan that worked for us, the contractors and the bank. We found Lori to be both professional and compassionate about our plans. She provided inspiration and suggestions for our design, while staying focused on what we wanted. We would not hesitate to recommend Lori to anyone who is looking to make their house a home.”


Lori uses computer aided drafting to create two and three dimensional drawings on a computer to visually describe buildings, structures and mechanical parts. Following national building codes and zoning bylaws, Smith’s CustomCAD provides clients with a set of technical drawings for most anything her clients may require. In 2007, she planned over 56 homes.


Lori believes in educating her clients as well. For example, many clients are not aware of the GST/HST rebates available when you build a home. “I tell my clients what I know about saving money. When people leave happy, I know I gave good service!” Another pleased customer said of Lori, “Lori Smith was available to answer our questions and make recommendations.  The experience was very stressful because of the limited time frame but Lori made the journey enjoyable.  The work done for us was of the highest of quality and was praised by the planners and builders involved.”

Passion and following your heart, defines Lori’s approach to business. From an early age, she always knew she wanted to draw. “I am doing what I am made to do.” According to Lori, “I believe the secret to life is creating. I would love to help you create your vision of your home to enhance and beautify your surroundings while also being functional.” 


Of the benefits of being an entrepreneur, Lori says she enjoys working from her home. If you have the pleasure of visiting this home on 1917 Water Street, you understand why.  It is a true oasis, from the beautiful view of the Miramichi River to the colours that evoke tranquility on the walls. Her home draws out a powerful energy where clients feel comfortable and in it a creative environment exists. “Working from home I had to learn to drive myself. I am now always ready at 8:00 am. I am never sure who will drop by.”


Several factors set Lori apart from her competition. She has 30 plus years of experience in her field. Furthermore, she understands her client’s needs and makes it realistic. “It’s your design and I am your hands.” 


Lori believes in treating others how she would like to be treated. According to Frank Trevors, “I have been involved with Lori on several projects and all my experiences have been of a positive nature. I feel her greatest asset is her ability to put herself in her customer’s shoes. Lori treats people the way she likes to be treated. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone looking for plans to build or renovate to give Lori a call.” 


When asked her role models, Lori attributes Dr. Benjamin Luke. “I liked the way he was with people. He was very kind, said what he meant and was very fair.”  If this savvy entrepreneur could give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs she says, “Do what you are and what you love to do. If everyone loves their job like I do, the world would be a happy place. When you do what you love, your best comes out!”


In 2009 Lori was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year and has sat on the board for WOMEN since their launch in 2009. When Lori isn’t helping her clients with their dreams, she enjoys being creative in various aspects of the arts.

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